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New products

Scion & Advion

Gas Chromatography GC & GC-MS, Mass Spectrometry and HPLC systems.

View the Q3 Scientifix Mass Spec Update

Scientifix Mass Spec Newsletter Q3 2013

Scientifix informs you about the latest innovations from top companies such as Advion Inc. and Protea Biosciences

View the Q3 Scientifix Mass Spec Update

Widest Centrifuge Range - new models available

Scientifix are centrifuge specialists. We offer a very wide range at competitive prices.Our service team are extremely knowledgeable and can supply excellent post purchase support.

See the Scientifix centrifuge range

Dynamica V30R Refrigerated Cent

30,000 RPM/ 65,390xg

Benchtop model

Max 1.5L capacity

Wide selection of rotors

Product brochure

Hitachi CR22N

New 6 Litre rotor (4x1.5litres)

8,500 RPM / 15,100 RCF

Find out more about the CR22N

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